The Ed Hines CD Danger Love Page

Hello! We are the Ed Hines Band.

It's a made-up name, and we looked around to see whether there were any other Ed Hineses that were before us. There was an Edward Hines, specializing in Middle Eastern music. He said that it was okay for us to be Ed Hines. A few more have popped up since, including an old fellow who sings at Old Folks Homes, which is kind of sweet.

This is the page for our first CD, which is entitled "Danger Love". It's really good.

There's a lovely animated video for Space Man, which you can see if you hit the handsome video icon over there to the right.

Or if you want songs to go, the arrow button will take you to mp3 players loaded with complete songs from the CD. You can download them too, if you want. Of course the actual CD is available too, if you want a real object and hi-fi sound and all the songs, even the little bitty ones. You can get it in all the usual places. We sent out a ton of copies, so there'll probably be secondhand ones available really cheap. Dig in!!

By the way, the exceptionally nice CD artwork was a team effort between the band and our beloved friends at They're a band too. They did all the parts that look good. We did all the parts that don't.

A little bit of info to help Googling people to find us:

We're a band that plays songs that you might call pop music or Sixties rock
or something like that. We have pretty good songs and we play as best as we can.

We're influenced by a lot of the records that end up on Nuggets compilations,
except we don't use fuzz-tones very much. We vary a bit. It's hard to generalize.


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