This is the page for the Ed Hines CD, Girls; Their Hearts
The name of the Band is Ed Hines Band
Picture of the Ed Hines CD, Girls Their Hearts

Well, here it is, our second CD.
It's kind of songs about girls, or maybe for girls. Girl songs.
We were inspired by romance novels. They seem to be coming back into style --
which is okay with us. We love women and we love romance and we love love.

We tried to behave ourselves a little better this time.
I mean, this is a date and it wouldn't do to be frightening or anything.

We like the program to have a beginning, a middle, and an end,
so the whole CD is really your best entertainment opportunity.
And, of course, there are a couple of little things that are on the CD that aren't here.
And of course real CDs sound better than mp3s and all that.

But for now, here are some mp3 singles for you.
There's some pictures on YouTube if you like, too.



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A little bit of info to help people find us:

We're a band that plays songs that you might call pop music or Sixties rock or something like that.
We have pretty good songs and we play as best as we can.

We're influenced by a lot of the records that end up on Nuggets compilations.
Especially the Nightcrawlers and the Merry-Go-Round. We don't use fuzz-tones very much.
Sometimes people call that kind of music garage bands or Sixties punk (some of it is punky).
We will admit that our songs have stories of happiness and loneliness and redemption. We hope that's okay.

If you don't have the Rhino Nuggets box, you need it. Of course you need our records too.
Also the Monkees. We like the Monkees.