Hello!  We're the The Ed Hines Band

Pleased to meet you. We're called "Ed Hines Band"

We're grateful that you're here. Thank you for stopping by!

The band has three CDs now. Number Three came out in Summer of 2014. That's Blaze of Glory. All the CDs are good, and everywhere that we play there are at least a few people who are enthusiastic about us. Maybe today you can be that special person, in the comfort of wherever it is that you are right now.

What do we sound like? We've heard They Might Be Giants a few times from people in the audience. The people at the record store say that we sound like Eighties New Wave, which is a pretty big arena. They say late Husker Du, Morrissey, Dead Milkmen...

Pandora says Helvetia, King Kong. We don't see that at all. We see ourselves as The Lovin' Spoonful with occasional trips. We love The Monkees. We love the Nuggets Box.

The Ed Hines Band channel on Pandora plays Great Lakes Myth Society, Republic of Letters, Brian Jonestown Massacre....they even played our heroes The Wipers. We're not worthy !!

There is a row of doors over to the right. Please, wander around!
Would you like a glass of water? Some jellybeans?

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